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be anything

learn by doing real projects

manage how work happens, collect evidence, and formatively assess projects with be anything.


introducing be anything

Be Anything is a project management platform for the classroom. When using Be Anything, students can direct their learning, keep track of their skills, and get the right feedback at the right time from their teachers.

project management

achievement in process.

see what students are working on in one organized place. stay up-to-date as students connect skills to tasks and move them through different stages of the process.


continuously gather evidence.

collect evidence throughout the process of learning. understand how students are applying their skills across classrooms and with interdisciplinary projects.

real-time insights

assess project work

understand why students are stuck and striving. use evidence to assess students’ work, give feedback, track mastery, and inform teaching practice.

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how work happens

unlock curiosity and creativity with authentic projects.